IDLE-FREE Guy™ ‘Motor Coaching’

Here's how we can help.

If you’re a:

  • Fleet owner.
  • Operator.
  • Manager.

IDLE-FREE Guy™ can help:

  • Transform driver attitudes and behaviour, cutting IDLE-time.
  • Save fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Promote your fleet’s ‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’ leadership.
  • Get the ‘green PR’ your fleet deserves.

It begins by taking your drivers on a fun, enlightening, educational ride. IDLE-FREE Guy™ ‘Motor Coaching’, is an interactive multimedia motivational seminar, hosted by ‘hockey dad’ Ron Zima.

Ron is founder / creator of ‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’, Canada’s leading IDLE-FREE campaign. This award-winning ‘movement’ was inspired by his kids school and hockey rink in 2006. A ‘hockey dad’ and father of two, Ron discovered how much his IDLING habit used to cost him in fuel, wear and tear on his car, and his kids environment.

Since his personal IDLE-FREE ‘light bulb moment’ one hot August day in 2004, Ron estimates he’s comfortably saved thousands of dollars in fuel.


Simply by taking advantage of ‘one of the best kept secrets’ in auto maintenance. ‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’ is a fuel savings ‘movement’ worth $Billions across North America.

Ron engages and inspires drivers with his journey of discovery, which transformed him from ‘Canadian IDLER’ to ‘IDLE-FREE Guy™’.

Your drivers will enjoy an unforgettable ride with Ron, a former TV / Radio host, who knows how to engage his audiences. He’ll entertain and enlighten by sharing his ‘discoveries’ in a five-part program that ‘flips the emotional light switch’ in his audiences. Your drivers can be emotionally inspired to:

  • Cut IDLE-time in their personal and company vehicles.
  • Save fuel and maintenance costs at home and at work.
  • Save emissions and protect ‘our kids’ health and environment.
  • Earn your fleet genuine ‘green PR’ for its leadership in the community.

IDLE-FREE Guy™ ‘Motor Coaching’ can transform your fleet as it did Ambassatours Gray Line, Atlantic Canada’s largest motor coach tour operator. Ambassatours has cut IDLE-time by 80%, saving tens of thousands in fuel annually since 2009 while earning distinction within its industry and community marketplace. As a result, they were awarded the ‘Eco-Efficiency Award’ from Dalhousie University.

‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’ has been endorsed by car guys, bus guys, schools, doctors and the 2010 Winter Olympics, where its ‘IDLE-FREE Bus’ carried the mens hockey teams.

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