'IDLE-FREE For Our Kids™' Certification


  • Has your GPS audit identified a lot of non-operational IDLE-time?
  • How about the costs of maintenance and wear and tear from IDLE-time?
  • For many fleet operators, identifying IDLE-time costs is the first step.

Next, comes transforming driver behaviour to bring those costs down.

But, what should your realistic target for IDLE-Time reduction be in year one?

And, what’s the road map for getting there?

GoGreen Communications has years of experience working with fleets and the transportation sector building Canada’s Leading IDLE-FREE Campaign. We know not all fleets are created equal, and driver profiles between fleet industries can be dramatically different.

We know the difference between operational IDLE-Time and non-operational IDLE-Time. A bucket truck may need to IDLE to perform a task; while the guy eating his lunch in the company van shouldn’t be IDLING for an hour in the grocery store parking lot.

Working with your fleet management, we’ll identify the most realistic target based on your unique fleet profile. We’ll then develop the plan and the budget to get there, certifying results based on your GPS tracking data.

Contact us today and let’s talk about putting the brakes on IDLE-Time. And certifying those results facing the marketplace.

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