'IDLE-FREE For Our Kids™' Branding

Branding: get the ‘green PR’ your fleet deserves.

‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’ is about enhancing your corporate image. Branding your fleet with Canada’s Leading IDLE-FREE Campaign does two things:

  • It fortifies your drivers’ thinking and behaviour as IDLE-FREE leaders in the community. When they operate a fleet vehicle that proudly displays the ‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’ logo, it reminds them of their stewardship role while earning distinction as a ‘green leader’ in the community.
  • It can earn your company / fleet the ‘green PR’ it deserves by getting noticed and applauded by the community for reducing emissions and improving air quality.

Since 2005, GoGreen Communications has worked with large corporations to small companies, media outlets to social media, schools and educators, health, environment and government stakeholders, building Canada’s Leading IDLE-FREE Campaign. Our IDLE-FREE Bus was endorsed by the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, where it carried the men’s hockey teams.

Once we’ve achieved your IDLE-Time reduction targets, we’ll work with your team to identify the best branding / PR strategy to fortify your driver training and help get your fleet the green PR it deserves.

GoGreen Communications will help you build an IDLE-FREE branding strategy that can easily pay for itself in driver buy-in and fuel & maintenance savings. We can promote your ‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’ certification; from helping design your public ‘IDLE-FREE launch' event to providing co-branded company giveaways that your customers and the community will love.

Contact us today and let’s talk about putting the brakes on IDLE-Time. And branding those results facing the marketplace.

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