About Us

About The Children's Clean Air Network and GoGreen Communications

The Children's Clean Air Network (CCAN) is a network of like-minded partners promoting 'IDLE-IDLE Free for our kids’, the leading IDLE-FREE campaign in Canada. The vision is to inspire North America to 'go IDLE-FREE- when it's parked.' The goal is to build a movement to reduce vehicle emissions, ultimately saving billions of dollars in fuel and cutting millions of tons of greenhouse gas.

CCAN is the only registered charity in Canada dedicated to reducing excess vehicle emissions and improving air quality. It began as a grassroots campaign in 2006 at Kingswood Elementary School, near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Its founder is father of two and hockey dad, Ron Zima, also known as ‘IDLE-FREE Guy'. Partner organizations include schools, businesses, media outlets, and health and environment organizations.

'Always-on' vehicle emissions impact the health and future of children and represent a significant loss of fuel and resources. The Children's Clean Air Network seeks to inspire the public and empower children to inspire change.

GoGreen Communications

GoGreen Communications is Canada’s ‘go green agency’ helping fleets 'put the brakes on IDLE-Time’, and get the 'green PR' they deserve. GoGreen trains, certifies and brands fleets with its award-winning campaign ‘IDLE-FREE for our kids™’.